Milk Boxes

Following the same customer service driven model as Fruit Boxes, our aim is to revolutionise the way customers receive their milk.

We deliver milk directly to your office reception area, or for larger offices, we can sort your order to each floor and building. We do NOT leave milk outside unattended in unsecured areas (unless Home Deliveries). There are no messy plastic milk crates lying around, like our fruit boxes, we use only new ‘ONE USE ONLY’ insulated recyclable cardboard cartons (which can be flattened and recycled in normal bins).

All milk offered is typically NZ household brands. We have partnered with MeadowFresh and Anchor to provide an extensive range that we know you are used to (1ltr, 2ltr, 3ltr, Standard, Trim, Lite, Calci, Soy, Cream, Organic, etc…).

Being such a perishable product it is important that milk is kept refrigerated. As most milk distributors deliver during the night time, milk is often left for hours. The majority of our deliveries are conducted during business hours. E.g. before morning tea.