About Us

Molesworth Fruit Supply started out in the circa 1900’s as a small business in a tin shed located in Molesworth Street, Thorndon, Wellington (hence the name). Since then, the business has diversified into delivering fresh produce to offices and local food service businesses. From 2000 to 2007, the business grew into importing and exporting food products and servicing customers nationwide. The business was sold in 2007.

Revitalised and ready to go, Richard and the team is back again, rebranded, doing what they know best. Servicing local customers with quality food products. Focusing on local businesses, A new business was formed.

Molesworth Fruit decided to grow a much needed market, Fruit Box and Milk deliveries. The concept was an immediate hit among businesses in Wellington and outer regions. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from our customers, who confirmed our hunch that such a seemingly small and low-cost initiative like fruit boxes could have such a positive impact on office dynamics.

The business has since enjoyed a rapid growth period thanks to our long list of highly satisfied customers.

Molesworth Fruit has built up an impressive client list of over 2,000 New Zealand’s leading businesses. With Peter and John coming on board to oversee warehouse operations in Auckland and Hamilton, and Richard in Wellington, we are delivering over 100,000 pieces of fruit per week to offices around the country.

Located in the South Island? not to worry, we hope to see you there soon.

Our business has been built around clever buying, excellent quality control standards, and smart systems and technology.

However, the most important ingredient to our success is our determination to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

Why us?

Who Is Moleworth Fruit ?

  • Our Company Mission
    To be the preferred fresh fruit and food supplier to NZ businesses
    and Homes.
  • the molesworth fruit philosophy

    Offer consistent quality from the best growers in NZ.

    Continuously improve systems to increase efficiency and maintain competitive advantage.

    Set industry benchmarks and adopt best practices. Support local communities and charitable groups.

  • the molesworth fruit promise

    To meet and exceed customer expectations.

    To remain a long-term viable partner.

  • we can deliver

    We are New Zealand’s most trusted fruit delivery

    Our premium fruit boxes and products are well-liked by office staff and families as proven with over 2000 active orders per week.

    Customers can rest assured that our security screened drivers do their utmost best to serve you. On time.

    We have a large delivery network that can currently serve most main centres and surrounding satellite cities on a daily basis.