Our Team

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    Richard Young Manager – Wellington

    Originally from the Horowhenua. Brought up on family farm (vegetables and cattle). Studied at Massey University. Early days was in I.T. Worked in various technical and consultancy roles within government and corporate. Studied Law and Accounting. Like most people, did my O.E. in Oz, Hong Kong, U.S and Canada. Studied MBA in UK. Worked mainly in corporate law, small cap mergers and acquisitions in the late 90’s.

    2000 acquired a produce wholesale business in Wellington (Molesworth Fruit, sold it in 2007). Acquired and operated a fruit market in Sydney. Mate made a bet that, “I couldn’t cook to save myself…”, so I opened a seafood and roast eatery in Sydney!!! One way to learn to cook real fast…

    2012 back in Wellington, doing what I’m passionate about, food and people.

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    John Redditt Manager – Hamilton

    Under Construction
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    Peter Cleland Manager – Auckland

    Peter Cleland M.B.A., B.Tech (Bio) is the Manager of the Molesworth Fruit company based in Auckland New Zealand. As a former academic of Massey University’s College of Business, Peter has published in areas of strategy, governance and the New Zealand national innovation systems. Peter has also held a senior management position in the Horticulture and Food Research Institute of New Zealand. Prior to establishing Molesworth Fruit Akl. Ltd. with Richard, Peter owned a Junior Golf company (Straight Shot Ltd. (Australasia) and an Irish Food company, Maggie Martins Irish Foods.

    He is currently involved as a chair or director for a range of social service, property and men’s’ health organisations’ including the Mangere East Family Serices, Mangere Men’s Shed and Aoteroa Menz Sheds (NZ National body).